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Read tips on how to quit smoking and stay free from the nicotine addiction
Smoking is a dangerous addiction, but there are helpful stop smoking aids

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Stop-Smoking-Tips.com is a Part of the Info Vision Marketing (IVM), which Operates Network of Health related websites. Smoking-related diseases claim an estimated 438,000 American lives each year, including those affected indirectly, such as babies born prematurely due to prenatal maternal smoking and victims of “secondhand” exposure to tobacco’s carcinogens. Smoking-related illnesses claim more American lives than alcohol, car accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide and illegal drugs combined.

We launched Stop-Smoking-Tips.com in Feb’ 2006 to address this rapidly growing concern, as we want to educate you about everything related to smoking & benefits of quitting smoking. You must make an educated decision about your choice of products to use in order to stop smoking. So, We have provided the best information available on the choice of quit smoking products.

Mission Statement

  • To provide a totally free educational resource devoted to the costs, risks and known dangers posed by smoking.
  • To impart an understanding of the powerfully addictive nature of tobacco products.
  • To reach youth and young adults and help them grasp the full range of risks associated with nicotine dependency before they begin to experiment.
  • To help motivate all wanting to arrest their dependency upon nicotine to do so.
  • To provide information to assist abrupt nicotine cessation quitters in understanding the recovery circumstances they may encounter and how to deal with each.

Additional Content Resources/Partners

When considering potential partners and vendors for our Web sites, IVM seeks companies that adhere to scrupulous business practices and clinical guidelines. IVM also thoroughly reviews the clinical content of all third party vendors. For example:

•IVM’s editorial team and director review all third-party clinical content for quality, accuracy, balance, and tone.

•IVM expects vendors to provide annual updates of all content. Articles may be updated more frequently on a case-by-case basis.


I’m seeking medical advice. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, we can’t. This site has only general health information. We can’t provide specific advice to you or offer a diagnosis. If you have a problem that requires medical attention, please contact your doctor or another healthcare provider right away.

Where does the site’s content come from?

The editorial team of IVM creates much of the content, including primers, site reviews, special reports, quizzes and polls. We also draw material from other trusted sources. High Beam Information provides hundreds of articles from hard-to-find health and medical magazines and journals.

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