Cigarette Smoking – Is It True That Cigarette Smoking Improves Concentration?

It is not easy for anyone to stop cigarette smoking. One needs time and must be granted that duration to help oneself, but what about those who love to continue with this bad habit and even make excuses to retain it.

Lame Excuse – Concentration Con

It is common among chain smokers to search for lame excuses. One such excuse is “Concentration Con”. A smoker justifies his cigarette smoking by saying that a puff helps him to concentrate. This excuse does not have any medical proof but is just a fake explanation that provides him a chance to continue his cigarette smoking.

Every habitual person who is in the process of getting rid of cigarette smoking has to face withdrawal symptoms, but may not last long. At times, the person becomes annoying and restless.

He takes this nature as a negative effect and again wants to have a puff to feel at relieve. But when this fallacy reveals itself, we come across a fact that cigarette smoking lessens the concentration power instead of improving it.


It is the due to the effect of nicotine that makes the smoker to feel at ease after puffing another cigarette. For short time nicotine intoxicates the mind and makes its feel relaxed. This way the person feels temporary pleasure and takes smoking as his best buddy.

Nicotine works in a vicious circle. Its effect goes on rising and after some time comes to the same point from where it has been started showing its black magic. Nicotine holds a smoker in such a way that he begins craving for more and more dose.

Smoker experiences restlessness, if the smoker does not provide the requisite dose. There is a huge distinction between concentration power of a smoker and that of a non-smoker.


It is a known fact that we obtain less pleasure from the things that we always have. The same happens with a chain smoker. He goes on puffing and never reaches to a satisfaction level.

Doctors have concluded that arteries get blocked and supply of oxygen will be decreased to the brain due to which person lacks concentration with cigarette smoking.

‘Concentration Con’ is an outcome of psychological perceptions of most of the smokers. Smokers need to be familiar with the underlying truth, those who use this excuse to shield their cigarette smoking.

Quitting the habit of cigarette smoking helps a person to take out his thinking man out of the smoke that has captured his mind. Concealing the cigarette smoking will not help. One needs to come forward to escape this habit rather than continuing it with the help of futile excuses.

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