Stop Smoking Product – Habitol

Overall Rating: 4stars

Price:  $154.99habitrol

Type:  Patch

Effectiveness:  Effective (4.5/5)

Longevity:  Lasting (4/5)

Safety:  Safe (4/5)

Results Seen In:  6-8 weeks (full results)

Customer Satisfaction:  Very satisfied (5/5)

Ingredients:  Nicotine (active)

Guarantee:  90-day, 100% money back


Habitrol performed well in our study of quit smoking aids.  It is an effective product that utilizes the nicotine replacement therapy idea of ridding the body of nicotine addiction.

Habitrol works by delivering ever-decreasing amounts of Nicotine into the bloodstream.   The craving for nicotine decreases tremendously over a two-month period until it disappears completely.  Our respondents reported very good results using this product.

Overall Habitrol is a very effective product at doing what it was meant to do, reduce cravings for nicotine.  We also like the fact that Habitrol costs a bit less than other, similar products.

To buy Habitrol, click here: 1800Patches

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