Stop Smoking Product – Nicorette

Overall Rating: 4stars

Price:  $93.99nicorette

Type:  Gum

Effectiveness:  Effective (4/5)

Longevity:  Lasting (4/5)

Safety:  Safe (4/5)

Results Seen In:  6-8 weeks

Customer Satisfaction:  Very satisfied (4.5/5)

Ingredients:  Nicotine (active)

Guarantee:  90-day, 100% money back


Nicorette gum was one of the first commercially available products designed to help people quit smoking.  And although it’s not our top choice, it still is a very good quit smoking aid.

Nicorette works by introducing nicotine into the body through gum.  As time passes, less and less gum is supposed to be used until the nicotine addiction is broken.  We like transdermal (patch) delivery a little better than gum, but it is still an effective product.

We feel Nicorette gum is best used as an emergency nicotine source.  Should you feel the urge during quitting, it would be better to take a piece of Nicorette gum than smoking a cigarette.

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