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It is a known fact that smoking tobacco can harm the health of an individual in several ways, causing life threatening diseases and even death. But that does not mean people do not smoke cigarettes or all the smokers are quitting smoking entirely. It is a very difficult task to give up smoking completely. But, there are various quit smoking products that can help an individual to stop smoking. Various nicotine replacement therapies are very popular and have a high success rate while the electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity. This article discusses about the 5 most popular quit smoking products available in the market.

Nicotine Patch

A self-adhesive, small patch for releasing slow and steady amounts of nicotine into the user’s body through his or her skin is known as Nicotine Patch. This patch has to be applied on the skin, somewhere between the waist and neck. One has to use a new nicotine patch every day.

Nicotine Patch Picture

Pros of Using a Nicotine Patch

Here are the main advantages of using a nicotine patch as a stop smoking aid:

  • One can buy a nicotine patch over the counter without a prescription. It is also available in various doses.
  • It is easy to use the nicotine patch.
  • The patch can control the nicotine cravings and keep the withdrawal symptoms in check for around 24 hours.
  • One can reduce the dosage of the nicotine gradually as their nicotine cravings decrease and severity of the withdrawal symptoms diminish.

Cons of Using a Nicotine Patch

A nicotine patch also has a few disadvantages:

  • It is not possible to adjust the dosage of nicotine in the nicotine patch if the user suddenly feels an increase in the nicotine cravings or withdrawal symptoms. However, one can use some other quit smoking product along with the patch if necessary.
  • The patch may cause skin irritation, itching and rashes on the skin area where it is applied. Avoiding applying the patch at the same spot everyday might help to keep the skin problems in check.
  • One may also experience sleep disturbances and have vivid dreams while using the patch. In these cases, the individual can remove the patch at night.
  • The nicotine patch does not work longer than 24 hours. So, the user must replace them every 24 hours.

Cautions To Be Taken While Using Nicotine Patch

People having some skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema should use the patch cautiously as it may develop severe skin irritation in them.

How Long Can Nicotine Patch Be Used

Generally an individual uses the nicotine patch for 8 to 12 weeks. However, one may have to use it for longer duration of time in the cravings and the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal persist.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gums are small chewing pieces containing small amounts of nicotine. The nicotine is absorbed through the mouth lining of the user when he or she chews the nicotine gum. It is important to use these chewing pieces according to proper directions.

Nicotine Gum Picture

Pros of Using Nicotine Gum

Using nicotine gums have the following advantages:

  • These over the counter quit smoking products are available in two doses.
  • Nicotine gums work for a short time period, which means they can fight sudden cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  • The user can determine the number of nicotine gums to be used in a day. One can use one chewing piece every 1 to 2 hours. The maximum number of nicotine gums that can be used in a day is 24.
  • The gums are available in various different flavors. They can be used along with other stop smoking products such as nicotine patch.

Cons of Using Nicotine Gum

Following are the minus points of using nicotine gums for giving up smoking:

  • One has to use nicotine chewing pieces continuously for keeping the nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms in check.
  • These chewing pieces cannot make the cravings go away completely.
  • The nicotine gum will not work properly unless you chew them in a specific technique. Chewing it like a regular chewing gum does not work. To release the nicotine in the gum, one has to bite a small piece. Once the peppery taste can be felt, the gum has to be deposited between the cheek and gums of the user until the released nicotine is absorbed through the mouth lining. This process has to be repeated when the tingly sensation in the mouth stops.
  • One can experience jaw soreness after biting the gums in the specific process for a long time.
  • The nicotine chewing pieces may cause various side effects including nausea, mouth irritation, excess saliva and stomach upset.

 Cautions to be Taken While Using Nicotine Gum

The gums may stick to the dentures and cause oral problems. So, one should take care to make sure no nicotine gum pieces remain stuck between the teeth. It is advisable not to eat or drink anything except water for fifteen minutes before using the chewing piece or during use as it may disrupt the nicotine absorption.

How Long Can Nicotine Gum Be Used

It is recommended to use nicotine gums for up to twelve weeks. One can use a piece every 1 to 2 hours in the beginning and then reduce the dosage gradually as the cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal decreases.

Nicotine Lozenge

Nicotine lozenges are small tablets, resembling hard candies, containing a low amount of nicotine. This nicotine is absorbed by the mouth lining of an individual before entering his or her bloodstream. The user has to keep the tablet between the cheek and gums, sucking on it slowly while it dissolves.

Nicotine lozenges

Pros of Using Nicotine Lozenge

There are various advantages of using this quit smoking product:

  • Nicotine lozenges can be bought without a prescription and are available in various doses and flavors.
  • They can control the sudden strong cravings and severe withdrawal symptoms experienced by people trying to quit smoking.
  • Up to 20 lozenges can be used in one day.
  • One can use nicotine tablets along with other quit smoking products.

Cons of Using Nicotine Lozenge

Here are the main disadvantages of using nicotine lozenges:

  • One must use these tablets continuously throughout the day for keeping the nicotine cravings and the withdrawal symptoms under control.
  • Side effects of using nicotine lozenges include indigestion, nausea, throat irritation, heartburn and hiccups.

Cautions to be Taken While Using Nicotine Lozenge

Like the nicotine gums, nicotine lozenges are likely to get stuck to the dentures, causing several problems. So, one should make sure no portion of the lozenge sticks between the teeth. It is never advisable to chew or swallow it whole. One should not eat or drink anything for fifteen minutes before and during using the nicotine lozenge as it may interrupt the process of nicotine absorption.

How Long Can Nicotine Lozenge Be Used

These lozenges are generally used for around 12 weeks. The number of tablets used in a day is cut down gradually as one feels the nicotine cravings and the withdrawal symptoms go away.

Nicotine Inhaler

Nicotine inhaler is another quit smoking product that helps smokers to give up smoking by transferring small doses of nicotine in their bodies. The user has to puff on the inhaler to release the nicotine vapor from the cartridge placed inside the device. Once the user puffs on the device, the nicotine enters his or her bloodstream to be absorbed through the mouth and throat lining. One should hold the vapor in the mouth for a short time before blowing it out. It is never advisable to inhale the nicotine vapor.

Nicotine Inhaler Picture

Pros of Using Nicotine Inhaler

Following are the benefits of using nicotine inhaler as a stop smoking aid:

  • Like the nicotine gum and lozenge, nicotine inhaler can fight sudden nicotine cravings and symptoms of withdrawal for short time periods.
  • The user can control the nicotine dosage he or she is taking.
  • One can keep the cartridge for later use after taking as many puffs as required.
  • Using the inhaler also keeps the hands busy which helps with the cravings for cigarettes.
  • This quit smoking device can be used along with other quit smoking products such as nicotine patch and nicotine gum.

Cons of Using Nicotine Inhaler

Here are the cons of using this device:

  • One cannot avail nicotine inhaler without a prescription.
  • It has to be used frequently throughout the day for controlling the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • It may cause some side effects in users including mouth irritation, throat irritation and coughing.

Cautions to be Taken While Using Nicotine Inhaler

An individual should check with a physician before using this inhaler if he or she has any lung disease like asthma. It is advisable to avoid eating or drinking anything except water for fifteen minutes before and during use as it may create some problems with nicotine absorption.

How Long Can Nicotine Inhaler Be Used

It is recommended to use 6 to 12 per day for the first 6 to 12 weeks. Over the next 6 to 12 weeks, the number of cartridges used in a day is reduced slowly until the user does not need one.

Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarette is a useful quit smoking aid that is meant for those who want to give up smoking but are unable to do so. This electrical device is used as a safe alternative for the regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is powered by batteries and has a cartridge that releases nicotine vapor when one smokes it. It does not harm the health of the user as it does not contain the harmful components present in a cigarette.


Pros of Using Electronic Cigarette

There are many advantages of using this electrical device:

  • One can use an e-cigarette anywhere as it does not produce the toxic smoke.
  • E-cigarette is cheaper compared to regular cigarettes, especially once the first purchase is done. One can save up to 40% on e-cigarettes in a year.
  • It does not cause harmful health effects as it there is no tobacco.
  • Electronic cigarette allows the user to inhale nicotine without breathing in any harmful chemical.
  • One e-cigarette cartridge is equivalent to 40 cigarettes, making it very convenient for carrying while travelling.

Cons of Using Electronic Cigarette

There are also some drawbacks of an e-cigarette:

  • One has to invest a pretty large amount of money for initially buying an e-cigarette kit.
  • The United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA has not yet approved this device.
  • E-cigarette is banned in various countries including Singapore, Thailand, Jordan and Finland.

Cautions to be Taken While Using Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are still not regulated by any governing body. So, one should make sure that they buy the e-cigarettes kits from authentic brands. It is advisable to consult a doctor if using the device causes any adverse health effects.

How Long Can Electronic Cigarette Be Used

One can use e-cigarettes for long periods of time as it does not lead to life threatening conditions like cancer. In some cases, the user may get addicted to electronic cigarettes due to the nicotine in them. However, this addiction is not deadly like tobacco addiction.

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