Smoking Addiction

Cigarettes are responsible for about 25% of deaths from residential fires, causing nearly 1,000 fire-related deaths and 3,300 injuries each year.

Meaning of Addiction

According to psychologists, state of being dependent on something is addiction. It could either be psychological or physical, but whatever it is, addiction insinuates a neurotic or persistent urge to repeat everything that caused the person’s dependency on something.

Normally, the formation of cravings or desire triggers the onset of addiction. On answering these cravings, another craving would rise but this time with more intensity than the first one. As this cycle will go on and on and without knowing it, you are already an addict.

Young Women Smoking For All the Wrong Reasons

Nicotine dependency is the most common form of drug addiction and causes more deaths and disease than all other addictions combined. And when it comes to smoking addiction, cigarette smoking is the one most likely to take hold during adolescence. So with all those people smoking, there have to be other “reasons” for it beyond being a coping mechanism.

And there are – particularly if you ask young women. Some start smoking because it’s still considered cool in certain circles. Peer pressure is really powerful, and if the popular crowd says, “If you light up, you’re cool with us,” that can be hard to resist.

Another draw for girls who start smoking during puberty is it seems to help with hormonal changes that cause mood fluctuations. Nicotine works like other drugs when it comes to anger, depression and mood swings. It goes to the pleasure center of the brain and says, “Chill out! Everything is going to be OK.”

Smoking Addiction

Many people are asking whether cigarette manufacturers are including marijuana in the cigarette to trigger smoking addiction to people. Of course, the productivity of the manufacturers will grow, if people get addicted to it.

It can be true that the cigarette manufacturers are adding marijuana but it’s hard to believe anything because there are no such reports yet as to whether manufacturers really adding marijuana as an smoking addition material.

However, there are elements in cigarette that really instigates smoking addiction, and that is nicotine. In fact, nicotine is regarded as one of the toughest stimulants ever identified. So, nicotine is s one of the most common factor that leads to smoking addiction.

Basically the nicotine level is directly infused into the brain, when a person smokes. This helps the smokers to have some relief from tension. The problem is that the anxiety sets back in with greater intensity after several tension-free minutes, and demands for more doses of stress-relievers i.e. nicotine.

In this way the smoking addiction starts. People who smoke as a way to release tension are already addicted to smoking. They slowly increase the number of cigarettes. This shows the person’s dependency on the cigarette already. This can be traced to where the smoking addiction starts.

Effect of Smoking on Brain Cells

A person gets dependent on something whenever that something normalizes all the nerves in his or her body bringing about instant relief from stress. This is where the elements in smoking affect the chemicals of brain.

Once smoking is used as a stress reliever to a person, it will give them more reason to repeat the procedure. Gradually after some time this procedure becomes a habit, and the habit leads to smoking addiction.

Moreover, some experts contend that a person as already an addicted person if he or she lights up a cigarette from the end the previous cigarette. This is because they cannot force themselves to stop smoking. They have this strong feeling to continue lighting one cigarette after another.


Some experts are insisting that that nicotine along with marijuana is the toughest type of drugs to treat and should be eliminated out of the system. Health experts say that nicotine is the hardest chemical to beat.

The satisfaction a person gets whenever they inhale nicotine is totally rewarding for the smoker. This is because the discharge of the dopamine, which is the “pleasure hormone”. Dopamine is very abrupt and immediate. For this reason people get immediate relief from tension whenever they smoke.

Studies even revealed how nicotine is even more powerful than the other drugs. They said that when a person injects heroin into his or her body, they may only burst up four times a day and may experience unstable conditions.

On the other hand, a pack of cigarettes a day is equal to 200 doses of nicotine a day, meaning the effect is even more intense when smoking. So, the bottom line here is that smoking from the very beginning should be stopped.

Smoking addiction can be considered a form of drug addiction and since smoking kills it should be taken just as seriously.

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