7 Days Stop Smoking Program

Quitting smoking means you are bringing back your life to a better position and starting over again. Breaking the habit of smoking will save you from varied types of cancer.  Also, tobacco in cigarettes contains harmful chemicals that increase the risks of various other diseases as well. Smoking harms almost all the organs of the body and spoils the overall health level. So, if you find yourself already experiencing the side effects of nicotine addiction, it is time you get into the 7 days Stop Smoking Program. This program will help you to quit smoking within 7 days.

The 7 Days Stop Smoking Program

The first step should be setting a date when you will break the habit. Deciding on the date a week before gives you plenty of time to make up your mind and practice.

Day 1 & 2

For the first two days observe your smoking behaviour. Ask yourself the following questions whenever you see yourself light up a cigar-

  • What is the reason behind the urge to smoke?
  • Would it be difficult to do stay without a cigar or would it be easy?
  • If I would not smoke a cigarette what would I do instead?

Day 3

On the day three try and stop smoking for atleast once. Though it will take some time for the urge to pass, you must mentally prepare yourself to quit smoking once and for all. Engaging yourself in varied activities will help you divert your attention.

Day 4

The fourth day is a big testing day. On this day you have to try and abandon those cigarette puffs that you consider is the most difficult. However, you must not be upset if you are unable to quit. You must keep on practicing till you realize what method works best for you. If you found skipping cigarettes was difficult note down the factor that came into your way of success. The most common reasons of difficulty are nicotine addiction that relieves bad feelings. The chemical properties of a cigar make the smoker feel lousy when he is not smoking. Another reason is social pressure from peers. Also, tension and negative emotion regarding any issue might also result in relapse.

Day 5 & 6

The next two days signifies your journey towards being a non-smoker. You should now be smoking half the amount of cigarettes you smoked article. If you were smoking one pack a day, you should be cutting down to 10 cigarettes per day. These two days you must set goals which you will be achieving on the 7th day. During these two days you should continue reducing your dependency level on smoking.

Day 7

On the final day you should be able to control your urges and avoid smoking completely. You must know what triggers smoking by now and should try to change those situations or try to handle them differently.

However, on the 7th day if you still find yourself craving for cigarettes, this is mainly due to the highly powerful drug Nicotine. In such a case, discuss with your doctor if you can use Nicotine patch treatment. The nicotine patch will provide you a steady influx of nicotine into the system which will be reduced over a period of several weeks.

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