How to Quit Smoking Naturally?

One of the best ways to quit smoking is to go the natural way. This is because breaking the habit naturally does not put one’s health in danger. Quitting the natural way means not using any harmful chemicals or special machines. The only thing required is mental discipline, emotional stability and lots of hard work. However, before one starts quitting, one must prepare oneself emotionally and physically. This is so as quitting smoking the natural way is very tough a process.

Why Quit In the Natural Way?

While quitting smoking the body goes through a lot of changes. Smoking is an addiction; therefore by quitting it naturally a smoker will be effectively cleaning himself out of this deadly addiction. The natural process also allows the smoker to deal with the negative emotions that make him slip into smoking again. The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine are very difficult to deal with and this the major challenge for a smoker.

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Some natural ways are available to help you quit smoking. These natural steps provide the same benefits as the major medicines provide.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are a good way to stop smoking naturally. Herbs provide a natural substitute to nicotine. None of the herbs contain any nicotine, they help in lessening the withdrawal symptoms when you trying to give up smoking. Natural herbs produce a similar effect on the brain as nicotine does. They are safe and do not generate any addiction.

Below are some of the herbs you can try-

Passion Flower

It helps the smoker to relax and calm and thus relieves him from irritation of withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.


Ginger roots ease the nausea that has risen from nicotine withdrawal. The anxiety resulting from the nicotine also gets treated. This natural herb produces a lot of perspiration which helps in release of toxins through sweating which are absorbed by the body when smoking.


Peppermint acts as a stimulant and makes the smoker more attentive. Also, it has got powers to detoxify body and make the smoker relax.


The alkaloids present in lobelia acts same like nicotine and produce similar effects. It occupies the same brain receptor sites as nicotine does. It creates aversion and minimizes cravings. It relives the withdrawal symptoms like lack of concentration, hunger and irritability.


Many smokers find it difficult to sleep at night and find themselves exhausted next morning. Valerian is an herb that helps in dealing with withdrawal symptoms related with sleep.

St. John’s Wort

This is a valuable herb that relieves the smoker form the sensation of depression which comes from the withdrawal of nicotine. This herb is safe as long as it is taken alone. This herb cannot be taken by pregnant women or children. Also, people suffering from bipolar disorder, liver disease and kidney diseases should not take this herb at all.

Healthy Exercises

Healthy exercise is another natural way to quit smoking. Exercise helps the smoker to avoid cravings for cigarettes to keep the smoker’s mind off smoking. Exercise helps to develop muscles and helps in better metabolism of body. Exercises like long walks, jumping, swimming, jogging and riding a bike are all very helpful.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet helps in increase of nutrients in the body which helps in alleviating the bad effects of smoking. Lung damage can be recovered with the help of grape seed extract. Cell damage due to smoking can be repaired by Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C gets depleted due to smoking which is essential for the body as it helps to absorb iron in the blood. Damaged mucus membranes caused by smoking can be repaired by Vitamin A. Taking oats will lessen the cravings for nicotine.

Psychological Treatments

Psychological treatments are also helpful in dealing with the pangs of quitting smoking.


A good hypnosis program will help you to dominate your subconscious and change your thought process. Thus, with that you will able to overcome your cravings to smoke. The therapy works only if people believe it only.


The needles used in acupuncture are placed at different points of the ear. They remain there for about 20 minutes. When the cravings for smoking arise, the smoker is instructed to stimulate the acupuncture point. Acupuncture also helps in alleviating the possibilities of relapse.

Other Alternative Remedies

Other ways to manage cravings that come with withdrawal symptoms are-

  • Always keep your fingers busy.
  • Try to keep your mind busy with music, books, magazines etc.
  • You must drink a lot of water to discard the toxic materials from your body. Also, it reduces the cravings faster.
  • You must also make sure that you have enough social support and motivations from your dear ones to help you quit smoking.
  • Keep your body active with some form of exercise.
  • You can also try oral alternatives to keep your mouth occupied while it craves for cigarettes. Good alternatives include mints, gum, hard candy, sunflower seeds, carrot sticks and celery.
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